Holiday house, Jūrmala

Contemporary comfort meets storytelling in this generous holiday home where Antique White Oak and Vintage Oak Wide Planks add history and character.
  • Project:
    Holiday house, Zhukovka, Latvia
  • Floor:
    Antique White Oak and Vintage Oak planks – Random Widths 25-40cm
  • Designer:
    Studio Cache

Grading in the floors

Country Vintage, cut from the heart section of the tree, this grade shows a mix of boards with beautiful heart cracks and boards with more varied presence of "cathedral" or "crown grain" close from the core of the tree, with smaller and larger knots.
Antique White Oak, used for 80 - 250 years in beams, floors or sidings, this wood reveals an abundant presence of worm-, beetle- and nailholes, but also knots, cracks and beautiful aging patina.
Located on the Gulf of Riga, this pretty holiday retreat boasts Antique White Oak and Vintage Oak Wide Planks in random widths from 25-40cm.
“Antique wooden floors are truly alive, they picture life stories of the past. It’s an eternal material that transcends time. I fully embrace every imperfection” says Interior designer Tatiana Fokina
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